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dimajix supports you within your projects at the mathematical aspects of software development, be it by developing a solution or by workshops for your team about subject you need to know in order to succeed. [Read more...]  


dimajix helps you at the design of your application and at the choice of the appropriate algorithms and data structure in order to ensure fast processing of your data. [Read more...]  


dimajix offers support for the planning, architectural design and implementation of rich graphics and multimedia software like games, edutainment products and desktop based virtual reality applications [Read more...]  


New 3d Model Viewer

01/27/06 A new small and fast [3d model viewer application]   has been released together with a new version of Magnum.

New Version of Magnum

12/29/05 A new [version of Magnum]   including a picking demo has been released.

New demo released

09/06/05 - A new demo for magnum has been released showing [reflective spheres]  .

New demo

04/11/05 - A [new soapfilm demo]   using Magnum and an updated framework are available.